Theatre Classes Ages 7-18

William Shakespeare once said “All the world's a stage”. Our Theatre program will teach our students about the world of theatre and how it connects to the world around us. It also challenges our students with topics such as improv, stage combat, and audition prep.

Ages 7-11

Level 1/2

This class will focus on introducing students to the basics of theatre. Students will be able to demonstrate terminology, environment, and emotion. This will help build a strong foundation as they move through our theatre program.

Ages 11-14

Level 3/4

This class will focus on challenging students and building on what they may have learned in our foundational theatre class. Students in this class will explore ideas based around improv, script analysis, and character study. This will help them to become more knowledgable within the theatre world.

Ages 14-18

Level 5

This class will focus on more advanced skills within theatre, helping to prepare them for the auditioning world of theatre. Students will start the process of auditioning prep, learning tips and tricks to help them succeed. Students will also be introduced to resume study and stage combat, and review skills they learned in our foundational theatre classes.