Dance Ages 7-18 Years Old


This class will focus on using contemporary and historical styles of jazz. This will help the dancer build a strong connection between dynamic movement and music. Dancers will explore movement quality, technique, stylization, and performance quality.

LETT (Leaps, Extensions, Tricks, and Turns)

This class will focus on building and refining skills based around strength, flexibility, consistency, and technique. It is designed for any dancer looking to advance their skill set.


This class will focus on teaching the dancer about musicality and rhythm using elements from classical and contemporary styles of tap.


This class will focus on giving dancers a high energy experience while learning about musicality, performance quality, and dynamics based around historical and current hip-hop styles.


This class will focus on classical ballet technique training with a well-rounded understanding of all ballet styles. Dancers will focus on strength, flexibility, terminology, body awareness, and more. This is a great foundational class for all ages and skill levels.


This class will be an extension from our ballet classes where dancers will focus on training to be on pointe. Dancers must be physically evaluated before joining this class.


This class will fuse techniques from both contemporary and modern dance. Dancers will focus on the development of clarity in technique and physical alignment, dynamic range of movement, and expressing emotion through movement.


This class will focus on improvisation and composition skills for dancers such as structuring choreography, movement exploration, setting choreography on classmates, and more! Dancers that are interested in developing choreography or developing as a dance artist are encouraged to take this class.


This class will focus on dancers developing characterization and performance quality while performing to some of their favorite Broadway hits.


This class will focus on fusing dance and acrobatic skills. Dancers will work on skills such as balancing, limbering, tumbling, and partnering based around flexibility, contortion, and strength.